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  1. Steevee

    Romelu Lukaku

    Dude looks so bulky, lay off the pasta for fuck sake.
  2. Steevee

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    Fucking spectacular, he has been one of the few consistent high performers.
  3. Steevee

    UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

    It’s on us now. Napoli are fantastic and part of me wants them to do well but I now want a SF derby and revenge!
  4. Steevee

    André Onana

    Absolutely superb tonight against Porto, the only player to give off confident vibes.
  5. Steevee

    Porto - Inter (14 Mar 23) [0-0]

    As shit as that was, if we repeat that, we are through.
  6. Steevee

    Porto - Inter (14 Mar 23) [0-0]

    Dzeko really is a spent force. I can't watch a contract extension.
  7. Steevee

    Porto - Inter (14 Mar 23) [0-0]

    Our Jekyll and Hyde pish will continue, 0-1 for us.
  8. Steevee

    Manager Suggestions

    Do you really want to see 442 terrorball? I might be mistaken, but it seemed that's what he played a lot?
  9. Steevee

    New Stadium

    Stuff in Italy gets done?
  10. Steevee

    Inter - Porto (22 Feb 23) [1-0]

    Another gleaming half of football. Sigh.
  11. Steevee

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    Spectacular :ROFLMAO:
  12. Steevee

    Joaquín Correa

    Genuinely can't see who is going to want to buy this guy, we're going to be stuck with him like Gags for fucking years and we'll die a little bit inside every time he comes on.
  13. Steevee

    Christian Vieri

    Massimo’s son is Angelomario and was a Director back in those days.
  14. Steevee

    Mario Balotelli

    That’s pretty obscene, I’ll give him that 🫡
  15. Steevee

    FIF's Dramatic last day of the Mercato - Winter 2023

    I might be deliberately blocking the memories out, but is this our quietest ever winter window ?
  16. Steevee

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    Wow - are the stats this year really worse than the Lucescu season? That's my gold plated memory of mentally-fragile underachiever-extraordinaire.
  17. Steevee

    Roberto Gagliardini

    Every single fucking time this thread has a new post I’m absolutely terrified of opening it to read about idea: extension level tomfuckery.
  18. Steevee

    Spanish Primera Liga 2022/2023

    That's some record. You just know that if we signed him, boom, cruciate done and out for 9 months.
  19. Steevee

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    Napoli are so good to watch. You have to wonder had we held on to LS and gave him the investment that Conte got, where would we be today.