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  1. junior55

    Euro 2024 Qualifiers

    Frattesi is strange indeed. He would be the perfect counter part of Barella Anyway what i meant is that we can't accuse Mancini of being a coach who doesn't trust youngsters when he has taken so many risks already
  2. junior55

    Euro 2024 Qualifiers

    You can't really say that to a manager who called Zaniolo and Pafundi from primavera , Gnonto from Swiss league and so many other unproven players
  3. junior55

    General Primavera Discussion

    Zaniolo got called with just primavera football. Italian football is in a great need for young talents and Mancio has been great in promoting them (unlike our manager )
  4. junior55

    General Primavera Discussion

    guys we shouldn't confuse scouting with the decision making/strategy that the club has. The 2nd is much more important than the 1st At inter the strategy has always been win now. It has never been ok in the next 4-5 years we will completely rebuild the roster and invest in youth no matter of...
  5. junior55

    Facundo Colidio

    We should sigh this talented Argentinian striker... Oh waiiit... Jokes aside all the goals seemed to be qualitative ones. I think we will try to sell him after a lucrative season with tigres
  6. junior55

    Denzel Dumfries

    I suppose Darmian was the choice for the derby to counter Leao. TBH Darmian has been great defensively whenever asked so it does make sense and its not that missing Dumfries is a big loss anyway when you consider his success rate in delivery crosses
  7. junior55

    Simone Inzaghi

    I have no doubts that Inzaghi deserves one more year in the same way that i have no doubt that us losing the title last season was on him. At the end guys you need experience to win the league title not everyone is born a natural winner. Will all the difficulties we have been through and...
  8. junior55

    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    Well Serie A has done like 2 overall deals for all the clubs , not much to say
  9. junior55

    Luciano Spalletti

    True but he was right though. Totti was at the end of his career and expected to be considered a star , Icardi we all saw what happened to his career so i would actually praise Spalleti for having the balls to say things how they are. Nevertheless people learn from their mistakes and if he...
  10. junior55

    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    This is just crazy. How the fuck is he worth 127M
  11. junior55

    Romelu Lukaku

    Lol the illusion that we have sometimes. Apart of the why he left saga that we have discussed in due time and i hold my opinion that he didn't do anything wrong. He was not an Inter youth product that suddenly left us. He got a great offer, we got a great offer, and the sale was done. but now...
  12. junior55

    Steven Zhang

    Apparently he closed the party with the following "joke" Leave 5 euros at the door while going out so that we collect and give them to Ausilio for the Winter Transfer Mercato. not fucking funny if you ask me...
  13. junior55

    Final: France - Argentina

    I think this is the best match i have ever seen
  14. junior55

    Group B

    I guess Saudi Arabia gave the answers to all the guys here arguing why inclusion in football is worth it. No they won't win the world cup but Saudi Arabians now are super happy and who knows which kid now gets inspired to become a football player. Sometimes all you need is a spark
  15. junior55

    Group B

    Calm down lol Football and sports is about diversity and inclusion. The current format is very fair and gives everyone a chance to participate but of course there will be different levels. That is why the group stage exists. Its like european teams should not be included in Olympic Marathons...
  16. junior55

    Group A

    I guess it goes hand in hand with the underestimation of Ecuador. No team that comes out of South America should be taken lightly The real question is how the fuck did Qatar become champion of Asia with this level of football
  17. junior55

    Group A

    There should be two players before the most advanced player. If the GK is not one of them then it should be two other players. Hard to catch but well done to the var team
  18. junior55

    2022 World Cup Qatar

    A final between Portugal & Argentina would be worthy of a movie and a great ending to the career of these 2 superstars
  19. junior55

    Stefan de Vrij

    What we need is someone faster who can allow the defense to be higher up in the pitch. I would love a cordoba type of player who can cover the space and be able to chase through balls. The ball playing part i wouldn't care so much ...
  20. junior55

    La Curva Nord

    There is no reason to mix and match the concept of an organized fan club who go into the stadium and cheer for 90 minutes for their club with the concept of Ultras. Inter has a lot of fun clubs in Italy and out of Italy who are organized and go in the stadium with the only purpose to cheer for...