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    Writing staff

    i think u still have my answers to the questions as i was part of the staff last year but here they are again just in case: Nick D'Aloisio Born: 2nd june 1984 Country: Australia Favourite Inter player: Christian Vieri Became an Inter fan: 1996
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    Writing staff

    You can put me down again for this season Jimmy. I'd be happy to do it again as i will have RAI International for the upcoming season.
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    first of all, congrats to Miami! They've definitely done the trade of the off season. But i'm a nuggets fan and welcome K-MART to Denver! Let's hope he helps us go that extra step next year, especially with his playoff experience he may turn into somewhat of a leader at Denver.
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    Edgar Davids

    Benvenuto Davids! the only bad thing i can see with this deal is that the likes of emre and even C.Zanetti may be phased out as a result of us buying all these players, i hope this is not the case. only time will tell.
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    Videos - Mancini & Inter players training

    thanks for the links pravesh. my internet was a bit slow but still good nonetheless!
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    Spanish La Liga [ Scores Inside ]

    I can't wait to watch Valencia in La Liga again this season especially after signing Fiore and Corradi! can't wait...
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    Vieri's Inter future

    Macini seems to be a keen admirer of Vieri (even though they are friends off the pitch) and i think if anyone is capable of fielding Vieri and Adriano together in the lineup, it will be Mancini. He's effectively a young with great ideas and definitely knows how to get the best out of a squad
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    Your opinion on the new players!

    i'm definitely happy and excited about all the players that we have signed so far. We seemed to have signed quality players whilst keeping our financial future under control. with burdisso the only player we actually payed for i think this has been a great transfer season so far. let's just hope...
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    Inter's new 3rd kit

    i'm in love with this kit! can't wait to get my hands on one
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    Official: Inter sign Lampros Choutos

    from what i have read from mancini's press conference, at least this signing of Choutos won't force Vieri to leave. As much as i read, Mancini and Vieri are good friends and he has no intention of selling him.
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    Official: Nicolas Andres Burdisso to Inter

    i'm so glad we signed Burdisso from Boca! at least now if Adani goes on loan to lazio, we have a backup!
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    The Ultimate Fan Exchange Thread

    Full name: Nick D'Aloisio Date of birth: June 2nd 1984 Nationality and location: Australia (from Italian descent), Australia Family: Mum and Dad Height and weight: around 166cm and 60kg Occupation: Student Favourite colour: Blue Favourite non-Inter teams: Valencia Favourite...
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    Hey all

    Hey guys, i'm finally back at the forums i missed for so long!! Hope i'm still welcome as i was before :D The squad's looking good so far this year! Hope we can celebrate at the end of it!! Ciao, - Nick
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    Official: Inter sign Lampros Choutos

    i agree with gismo, unless we loan out or sell Choutos then i think its time that we'll see some of our strikers leaving
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    Official: Inter sign Lampros Choutos

    hey guys, i'm finally back after being away for so long... i don't know why the hell Inter bought another forward to the club after we already have so money. Unless they have a plan in place to get rid of some of our strikers, this is a stupid move...
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    Week 26 of 03/04 Forza Inter Prediction League

    Week 26 - 21 March 2004 Udinese v Juventus 1-3 AC Milan v Parma 2-1 Ancona v Inter Milan 1-2 Bologna v Brescia 2-3 Chievo Verona v Siena 2-1 Empoli v Sampdoria 1-2 Lecce v Perugia 2-2 Modena v Reggina 1-1 Lazio v Roma 2-3 UEFA Cup - 25 March 2004 Inter - Benfica 2-1 Delayed Week...
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    Who is your favourite actor and actress?

    my favourite actor(s) are definitely, De Niro, Pacino, Russel Crowe and Brad Pitt
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    T-Mac is definitely a great player! In fact, i bought his jersey yesterday. Leading the NBA with a 28 point average definitely says something. who does everyone follow? I follow Denver, let's hope we can hold on to the last playoff spot.
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    Alvaro "Il Chino" Recoba

    i'm all for trying out Recoba in midfield, who knows what could happen? we might un-earth a new found Recoba and that can only be promising for the team
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    Inter memorabilia

    I have the real 2001/02 home jersey the fake 01/02 away jersey a beanie and a 'La Curva Nord' hat i got made up