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  1. Campione

    Inter - Milan (5 Feb 23) [1-0]

    13 points gap is waaaay much for overcoming but let's not forget that Napoli and Spalletti are natural bottlers so there is like 1% chance :D.
  2. Campione

    Nicolò Barella

    Big game player.
  3. Campione

    Coppa Italia 2022/2023

    Gobbi are more popular in the south.
  4. Campione

    Milan Škriniar

    These will be loooooong four months for Skriniar till the end of the season. I'm curious to see the fans reaction when he steps on the field, his behaviour during the matches and etc. Anyway, the enviroment will be very toxic.
  5. Campione

    Roberto Gagliardini

    Edited my post seconds after I wrote it :D.
  6. Campione

    Roberto Gagliardini

    I highly doubt he is going abroad. His next destination is a midtable club in Italy. P.S. I still consider us as a top 4 team. Things might change in a couple of years but for now...
  7. Campione

    Milan Škriniar

    IIRC, there were reports saying that PSG will give Skriniar something like 12 million bonus if he joins them in the summer as a free agent. Also, he will not be the first player to demonstrate his devotion to a club and later leaves.
  8. Campione

    Lautaro Martinez

    His goal was pure class - the movement to get the ball, the control of the ball and then the shot.
  9. Campione

    Milan Škriniar

    Maybe the management will try to sell him but I believe Skriniar would block a transfer now. It's better for him if he leaves for free in the summer. Then, he could squeze as much money as he can from his new club.
  10. Campione

    Milan Škriniar

    It's quite difficult choice for Skriniar. Option 1: Stay here which means less money, less chances for trophies as long as Suning are here but get a legendary status. All fans adore him, he is the captain and onr of the pillars of this team. Option 2: Go to PSG which means more money...
  11. Campione

    Lautaro Martinez

    Look it from this angle - Lautaro will not be "a hot name" during the upcoming transfer windows. Yes, this was not his tournament but let's not overreact as if he is the worst striker on the Earth.
  12. Campione

    Final: France - Argentina

  13. Campione

    Group C

    Let's not overreact. Shits happen. The argies had their chance in the first half and could have gone 2 or 3 to 0. 9 out of 10 games the result would be 4(5):0 for Argentina.
  14. Campione

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    Napoli and Spalletti are natural chokers so I would not consider them favourites until they actually mathematically secure the Scudetto.
  15. Campione

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    Imagine Inzaghi put him as regista instead of Barella and Vidal last season when Brozovic got injured and we fucked up against Sassuolo (0-2) and Fiorentina (1-1) at Meazza.
  16. Campione

    Steven Zhang

    What do you expect him to say? "Yes bitches, we are selling this club because we could not afford to pay the bills."?
  17. Campione

    Lautaro Martinez

    IIRC, Barcelona bought Griezmann first and they did not have enough money for Lautaro after that. If Martinez was their top priority, the deal would have happened. To be honest, now, I do not see him leaving unless some big fat contract is on the other side. He is happy in Milano, he is adored...
  18. Campione

    Inter - Barcelona (4 Oct 22) [1-0]

    Great win in terms of boosting the team confidence but let's wait and see if we could make a few consecutive wins. Anyway, Inzaghi has bought some more time. Let's hope he could somehow find the way to get us on the right track.
  19. Campione

    Simone Inzaghi

    I would go with that line: “I think there’s a locker room problem to be solved even if it has to be done the hard way,” This season the players are always arguing during the games. Apparently Inzaghi has lost the locker room.
  20. Campione

    Nicolò Barella

    Is he injured or we save him for Torino?