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  1. blackmore

    Where the hell...

  2. blackmore

    Inter - Palermo (2 Dec 12)

    Big Mac is back! Troll post for a troll win....
  3. blackmore

    Look Who's Back!

    Da fuq.....And lolz @ The_Fitz!
  4. blackmore

    Inter - Partizan (25 Oct 12)

  5. blackmore

    Ricardo Alvarez

    Nothing to be said really...................Except for MARA FUKING VILLA BITCHEZ!sorry had too(hi Hal).
  6. blackmore

    Interview with Willy

  7. blackmore

    Nokia Lumia 900

    Better then your average Scottish lass.......
  8. blackmore

    UEFA Europa League 2012/2013

    No one is as bad as Bart....
  9. blackmore

    Mario Balotelli

    Like Alec Baldwin.......,,
  10. blackmore


  11. blackmore

    Nerazzurro Down Under

    Time for FIF to assemble the Aussie troops and head down there to rage war!It's morphin time :slick:
  12. blackmore

    UEFA Europa League 2012/2013

    Omfg we need to face el lione :|
  13. blackmore

    Maicon Douglas Sisenando

    Man city have gone from most definitely
  14. blackmore

    Rodrigo Palacio

    Like Alec baldwin.....He keeps on scorin
  15. blackmore

    Inter - Vaslui (30 Aug 12)

    Maybe u think pandev gives head the best :slick:
  16. blackmore

    Nerazzurro Down Under

    If fitzy comes...that'll last about 2 seconds!
  17. blackmore

    Nerazzurro Down Under

    Oh snap........*getspopcornout*
  18. blackmore

    La Grande Inter criteria

    If Ronaldo couldn't make it......nobody should :slick:
  19. blackmore

    FC FIFAUW - PS4 FIFA Team- A D Reborn

    C'mon now...u know your names spelt C A L L U M! :lol:
  20. blackmore

    FC FIFAUW - PS4 FIFA Team- A D Reborn

    I'll stick to my tried n trusted # 69 son.... Ain't gonna steal cals thunder, we need that comic relief in the team. Ain't nuthin like seeing him beat 3 players down the by-line only to fuck up his cross and knock it into row z.That drunk grouse drinkin bastard!!