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    Chievo - Inter (22 Dec 18) [1-1]

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    Gabriel 'Gabigol' Barbosa

    Savic is amazing CB, would love the swap
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    Inter - Milan (21 Oct 18) [1-0]

    Ref is playing for Bilan or he made a bet? FUCK YOU!
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    Inter - Tottenham (18 Sep 18) [2-1]

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    Inter - Tottenham (18 Sep 18) [2-1]

    i feel the urge to stab somebody now
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    Inter - Tottenham (18 Sep 18) [2-1]

    Amazing assist and amazing strike... Too bad that others suck
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    Inter - Torino (26 Aug 18) [2-2]

    Im waiting on Inter for 1.400 fuck me im a stupid cunt
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    João Mário

    Joao Mario, Dalbert, Vecino, Borja Valero, Candreva... And people are rating our mercato with 9/10 or 8/10.. All these mediocre or worse players need to go before next July.
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    Inter - Torino (26 Aug 18) [2-2]

    Dont know why but hate Politano already
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    Luka Modrić

    If he comes at the end, i think we have genuine shot at scudetto. Nainggolan, Modrić, Brozović... Come one, we are fucking reborn, remember the times where we had the likes of Palombo, Schelloto,
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    Davide Santon

    Incedible, gifted scudeto to Juventus by himself....
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    Joao Miranda

    Would love to make him younger by some magic!!! best CF since treble
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    Roberto Gagliardini

    Gagliardini, Vecino, Valero, Gabigol, Joao Mario, Dalbert...How this management ears theirs salary is beyond me
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    Luciano Spalletti

    After 1 win in 10 games, i think hes lost it. Thats just not acceptable. Im not for sudden changes that will last next year also, cause it another year down the drain for sure. But some gatusso style caretaker, thats not a bad idea.
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    Genoa - Inter (17 Feb 18) [2-0]

    Gagliardini deserves no playing time.
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    Genoa - Inter (17 Feb 18) [2-0]

    I put a bet on X-2....Thanks Rano!!!
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    If we dont buy this kiddo, we are beyond saving. we should build our MF aroud him, full stop.
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    Joao Miranda

    Making Icardi captain was best decision possible at that moment. He deserves to be Captain if you just watch his game. Off field antics are other thing..
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    Mauro Icardi

    If that is true, fuck all of them, sell all 3 assholes.
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    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    Guys i havent been closely following Felipe Anderson, but from stats and some games he is in decline? Or it just brasilian dont give a fuck attitude problem? Can he be a good investment?