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  1. Scottish_one

    UEFA Champions League 2017/2018

    Just poppoed in to laugh at Juve Keep it real folks
  2. Scottish_one

    Coppa Italia 2016/2017

    Anyone know when date for the Bologna game will be confirmed?
  3. Scottish_one

    Diego "Il Principe" Milito

    Ah Milito.... With the exception of Zanetti he's the Inter player I have the fondest memories of. When I think of this goal that won us the derby I feel all warm inside.
  4. Scottish_one

    PC gaming

    Anyone play Star Wars: The Old Republic or Diablo 3?
  5. Scottish_one

    Inter - Lazio (20 Dec 15) [1-2]

    I just came back here to vote for Melo....
  6. Scottish_one

    Inter - Lazio (20 Dec 15) [1-2]

    I've not seen much of inter this season due to work. is Melo usually this much of a liability?
  7. Scottish_one

    Inter - Lazio (20 Dec 15) [1-2]

    I think ive only ever seen one before and it was a long time ago (i'm 26)
  8. Scottish_one

    Aberdeen based Interista?

    Yeah I'm moving from Montrose so actually moving further from Perth and Glasgow currently. They are a bit far for a couple of pints especially if driving! As I say the only one I know up here is the in the band and he actually has an Inter guitar!
  9. Scottish_one

    Aberdeen based Interista?

    So I've been pretty inactive on here the last year pretty much because of work which for the most part has taken over my life. In an effort to claw some ground back I'm moving to Aberdeen next month. Anyone else about that would be keen to watch games together sometimes? always more fun rather...
  10. Scottish_one

    Inter - Torino (25 Jan 15) [0-1]

    Donkor :notbad:
  11. Scottish_one

    Inter Streams

    for anyone in the UK with BT sport you can get it by pressing the red button
  12. Scottish_one

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    Holy Batshit. we are actually getting players we are interested in! this hasnt happened this quick or on this scale for a long long time :notbad:
  13. Scottish_one

    Juventus - Inter (6 Jan 15) [1-1]

    i cant watch as im away with work, what happened with the sending off and why are people moaning about icardi?
  14. Scottish_one

    2014/2015 Forwards Rumours Thread

    He's finally ready to join Inter...
  15. Scottish_one

    Funny pictures!

  16. Scottish_one

    Funny pictures!

  17. Scottish_one

    Fiorentina - Inter (5 Oct 14) [3-0]

    oh FFS
  18. Scottish_one

    Fiorentina - Inter (5 Oct 14) [3-0]

    Holy Shit, What a goal
  19. Scottish_one


    great thread but.. inter? wy u no scotland? :yuno:
  20. Scottish_one

    Inter - Stjarnan (28 Aug 14) [6-0]

    snap :pokerface: