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  1. Shaun

    Mauro Icardi

    Wait? People are still questioning whether Icardi is kryptonite for a team's good football? We just going to ignore all the stats which show how much of a better side we were post Icardi from a scoring perspective? There's a reason why his 12 touches per game in Paris didnt go down well despite...
  2. Shaun

    Alessandro Bastoni

    Because its coming to the point where the EPL is almost the NBA and playing in any other league is almost simply a stepping stone?
  3. Shaun

    Inter's Financial Situation

    I've said it a year ago and I'll say it again. Its hard to care about what happens on the field when what happens financially regarding the club and the league is of so much more importance. Still no stadium in sight and the TV rights of the league will continue to stagnate due to the lack of...
  4. Shaun

    Mauro Icardi Put him with good players and he'll score 40 goals per season they said :D
  5. Shaun

    Inter Jerseys

    Would buy it, but not with that sponsor. That sponsor just makes every jersey look three levels worse.
  6. Shaun

    Inter's Financial Situation

    All the talk about players and coaches is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is money. Can the league do a better job with TV rights, and can we build a stadium. Everything else is only temporary and will barely matter. I can't bring myself to care our performances on the pitch when I know...
  7. Shaun

    Mauro Icardi

    I can't help but laugh at this
  8. Shaun

    Romelu Lukaku

    Insult the post, not the member.
  9. Shaun

    2021/2022 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Why Zapata? Because he roughly has similar attributes to Lukaku? Surely there are better alternatives.
  10. Shaun

    Romelu Lukaku

    Suning clearly aren't helping the situation, but a lack of income to sustain the club due to not owning our own stadium is definitely a contributing factor in us being a selling club. It is literally the only way forward. Or Serie A magically getting a EPL sized TV deal
  11. Shaun

    Romelu Lukaku

    This is sad. Can we please just get a stadium built so we can hopefully stop this type of thing continually happening in the future? Personally I find it difficult to care about the football side of things when what matters is money, and we cannot make money from the San Siro. Or at least enough...
  12. Shaun


    Implode? Like in bad way or did you mean explode?
  13. Shaun

    European Super League Discussion

    Wait, so EPL teams gonna get even more money from the CL. So we're going to be in an even worse off position comparatively? This whole fiasco is draining my already dwindling affection for football
  14. Shaun

    European Super League Discussion

    Don't you think our scudetto seasons has already been overshadowed by the empty stands and us getting knocked in the group stages of the CL?
  15. Shaun

    New Inter Logo

    My tattoo is looking very out-of-date now :yao2:
  16. Shaun

    Formula 1

    Fisichella dominated all his teammates prior to Alonso. Including Button and and Massa. Fisi clearly didn't handle the pressure that well at a big team, but he was never "average". Furthermore, that Renault was basically designed to fit Alonso's driving style. What the Renault did have in...
  17. Shaun

    Anime, Manga, and other Comics

    Watching Hunter X Hunter at the moment. Does the Chimera Ant arc pick up eventually? 30 episodes into that arc and just bored really.
  18. Shaun

    Serie A Calcio Mercato, Summer 2020-21

    They are looking for a player who will do the dirty work for Dybala and Ronaldo and he will probably end up playing out wide a lot. Maybe not the worst transfer but the price still seems ridiculous. This will at least allow Dybala to not have to play on the wing where he isnt's suited
  19. Shaun

    Anime, Manga, and other Comics

    I've seen Berserk, or at least the original seasons. I only watched a half dozen episodes of the new stuff. Is that worth going back to?
  20. Shaun

    Anime, Manga, and other Comics

    I recently watched this too. Never thought I could care so much about a volleyball anime. Just about finished with Neon Genesis Evangelion - did not expect it to be nearly as depressing as it is