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    Milan Škriniar

    Yes, I did not want him to be sold last summer but I was not aware of the fact that there was even the slightest chance that he would not have renewed. Management (president included) should have made sure of this. If he is to be sold now for peanuts or for free in the summer, this is a huge...
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    UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

    We could not even beat Juventus last night. With this draw, we at least have a chance to go through if we play well to our potential. Would have hated to get the likes of Man City, R. Madrid but I am quite happy with this draw.
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    Juventus - Inter (6 Nov 22) [2-0]

    I dont know why Calhan was brought off. For fcking Correa!!!! We have given up since the first goal we conceded in 58th min and that is very sad.
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    UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

    Lets be real. It would be great to avoid the big teams (Man City, Madrid, PSG, Chelsea). We do not have a great team at all and we are not performing great either. The further we progress, more money we would get and that is way too important. Not saying that we will have an easy time against...
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    Inter - Viktoria Plzen (26 Oct 22) [4-0]

    Finally no pazza Inter. Great win for a lot of reasons. 😊😊
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    Inter - Viktoria Plzen (26 Oct 22) [4-0]

    Pazza Inter it is. I am scared if the players are over-confident facing their opponent today. This is no doubt a win game for us without crazy football for once. Hopeful for a normal non pazza win.
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    Fiorentina - Inter (22 Oct 22) [3-4]

    Another pazza game. Inzaghi almost paid for going defensive in the last few minutes. Correa as usual was bad. Did not like Darmian, Acerbi and Di marco either. The way we played will not help us even get to the top 4 for sure. Thankfully we won and hopefully we play better than this.
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    Robin Gosens

    I do believe that Gosens can give a lot to the team. He might have lacked confidence for a variety of reasons but I hope that he will be trusted by Inzaghi and he is also able to deliver when given the opportunity. 🤞 Along with that and most importantly, the team is starting to perform better...
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    Barcelona - Inter (12 Oct 22) [3-3]

    This is a great result and would had been a huge one, had we been able to win it. I had no expectation but this was a surprising result (mainly the score-line). Now, lets not fail to win the next game. A qualification from this group would be wonderful for us - also from financial perspective.
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    Sassuolo - Inter (8 Oct 22) [1-2]

    Hopefully, we see a composed defense in this game as well. I hope Onana starts and Skriniar continues with the armband. Not that Mikhi had a bad game against Barca but I hope Asllani starts this game.
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    Inter - Barcelona (4 Oct 22) [1-0]

    Damn, 8 minutes of extra time and I was fearing for the worst throughout it. It was quite a good game, even though Barcelona were not at its best. Finally a win against a top opponent in the CL. I do not get Xavi's rant at all, as we also were deprived of at least 2 goals. Inzaghi started...
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    Inter - Roma (1 Oct 22) [1-2]

    Suning has done their part and the little hope I still had from Inter had been done and dusted by Inzaghi and our players. We just can not expect anything in this kind of situation from a coach like Inzaghi in a club like Inter where the winning pressure if huge !! Inzaghi as a player and a...
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    Udinese - Inter (18 Sep 22) [3-1]

    Inter and Inzaghi clearly deserve this.
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    Udinese - Inter (18 Sep 22) [3-1]

    Yes our mercato was not good at all due to various reasons but the way we have been playing this season is atrocious!! Still, let us hope for the best in this game and season.
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    Kristjan Asllani

    He should be played more and I hope that happens a lot. He played quite less in the last game but looked confident with his passes and all.
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    Viktoria Plzeň - Inter (13 Sep 22) [0-2]

    Watched the match and was so irritated with our finishes. Our opponent had an off day for sure. What matters the most at the moment and always is 3 points and mainly now for us. Hope, we perform better and clinical in our upcoming games.
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    Inter - Bayern Munich (7 Sep 22) [0-2]

    3 games against not small teams and we were terrible in all of it. Inzaghi and Suning would do well together. I was not even expecting a point here but the way we played was shitty class - yet again.
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    Inter - Bayern Munich (7 Sep 22) [0-2]

    He does not even have a Plan A. 🙂🙂
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    Inter - Bayern Munich (7 Sep 22) [0-2]

    Not good but yeah as compared to first half, we do not look like headless chickens. It is also thanks to Bayern saving their energy and not pushing us much. Whenever they have pushed us, it has been scary - one of which made 0-2.
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    Inter - Bayern Munich (7 Sep 22) [0-2]

    As usual, is Inzaghi waiting for late subs?? After we are down by 2 or 3 goals?