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  1. Tommi

    Inter - Empoli (6 May 22) [4-2]

    I would rather see Perisic or Gosens in front with Lautaro. I bet they would score more and be more productive than our forwards this year. Dzeko, Correa…piss poor! If we don’t win this year, it’s because of our strikers and their poor goal scoring ratio.
  2. Tommi

    Interview with Tim

    Hola! Where are you Tim, Hammoudi, Jimmy…?! Let’s get active again! ❤️
  3. Tommi

    Forza Inter Forums 10th anniversary

    What? You're here for real?!?! Where have you been Luis? And Jimmy got banned! What happened?
  4. Tommi

    Forza Inter Forums 10th anniversary

    Sanoo! You still in love with that Miki girl/singer? :) is Luis (Vanness!) still around, what about Hamed, Jimmy, Patrick, Katie...? i was here around a week ago (before that it's been years) and had no idea the 10 year anniversary was so close. Well done Mr Handoyo and the rest of the "new"...
  5. Tommi

    Mario Balotelli

    Sorry for the late response, but miss you too Patrick! :) Anyone from the old gang in this site anymore?
  6. Tommi

    Mario Balotelli

    Nice video. 20 goals in 59 Serie A appearances and plenty of assists from a 19 year old extremely talented (perhaps the most talented player we ever had) boy and we want to sell him? Shouldn´t happen in million years! Of course he has a big ego, so has plenty of other great players. It´s no...
  7. Tommi

    Mario Balotelli

    Ryyney has a PERFECT attitude? Oh man...:sleep:
  8. Tommi

    Mario Balotelli

    Il Corriere dello Sport’s headline is like coming from me: “Incredible, they’re really going to sell him.” What a moron move. Balo is italian, young and extremely of course we should sell him, we´re Inter! So stupid! :nono:
  9. Tommi

    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    Not my ideal line-up, but i think if we wont buy anyone new (Cassano please!), then this could be our starting lineup: ---------------- Cesar Maicon ---- Lucio -- Samuel ---- Chivu - Zanetti ---- Cambiasso ---- Motta ---------------- Hleb ----------- Milito ---- Eto´o It looks more...
  10. Tommi


    I was glad that Italia did so poorly in confederations cup, it was a good wake-up call for Lippi. Lippi is too old school coach..his choices, Zambrotta, Dossena, Pepe, Iaquinta, Toni and even Gattuso (in conf cup)...come on now! Dont know if Balotelli is ready for the senior team, but at...
  11. Tommi

    Inter - Sampdoria (25 Jan 09)

    Whad-da-vuck! Is this Inter or some Serie D team? Mourinho´s Inter plays pat-he-tic "football"...ridiculous! I remember one good (really good) match from this season and that was against RuBentus...other matches have pretty much sucked. Is this how Mourinho wants us to play? We´re leading...
  12. Tommi

    Palermo - Inter (15 Nov 08)

    WAY to defensive, exactly! This got to be most boring Inter since...well, i can´t even remember when! It´s like playing with eight defenders plus Cruz & Zlatan. No creativity´s been like this since we won Roma. Wake up Mourinho and start showing us that...
  13. Tommi

    What are you doing & listening to at the moment?

    I used to like radio Italia tv, but nowdays it´s full of long commercials/tv shop material. Nowdays i prefer more RTL 102.5 Both available also in satellite..
  14. Tommi Siro store

    Not 100% sure, but i think Mou was wearing this warm up jacket: Inter store is damn crazy prize place...same polo you mentioned is 50 euros and it´s 38 euros from uksoccershop (their shipping is just around 10 euros). And by...
  15. Tommi


    Hi Jimmy. Nice work you got there! Do you have a bigger picture that you have no problems to share? I have few Inter related "paintings" as well. I havent made those myself ...only some touching here and there and resizing them much bigger than the pics below... I have this one...
  16. Tommi Siro store

    Go to interstore -> log in -> click Your orders -> then click the Order ID link and there you can see your tracking number. I have ordered once and shipping costs were 64 euros (so vuckin ridiculous price!), the more you order, the more you pay for shipping...should be other way around.
  17. Tommi

    Trofeo TIM (29 Jul 08)

    So true! Ciao tutti! Io voglio la nuova maglia di Inter! Or something... =) Oggi, bene Adriano! I hope we dont sell him... Maicon was quite crap! And Stan-the-man? Oh! ...sell sell sell... Forza Inter and vuuuckkkk RuBentus and BBilan! Still, i kind of liked the way most of our players...
  18. Tommi

    2009/2010 Forwards rumours topic

    I kind of know he´s a diver, but i somewhat have gotten used to divers since we have few of our own. Well, i´ll let my friend Pravesh to answer to you ´cause my thoughts are exactly like his... Allthought i somewhat follow spanish league, hardly ever Valencia´s matches though. Some CL and...
  19. Tommi

    2009/2010 Forwards rumours topic

    Not saying Zlatan - Cruz dont work (and Suazo could still be awesome), but i´d love to see Zlatan - Villa partnership. We can get him in the summer, but if not this coming summer, then some other big team will sign him. Next season Crespo should be sold, Adriano probably should/will be sold as...
  20. Tommi

    Happy bday Timmy

    Auguri per il compleanno, buon compleanno, tanti auguri Tim-meeehhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Auguri di ogni bene! Tante belle cose!