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    Liverpool - Inter (8 Mar 22) [0-1]

    Saw the game right after the red card, highlights after that Definitely affected the game being 1 man down; the players were gassed because we just couldn't hold onto the ball after that. Brozovic did great IMO; if we had Barella in there for sure we would've had a more dominant presence in...
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    Marcelo Brozović

    Ive been out of the loop. Did he renew yet?
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    Lautaro Martinez

    What more of a confidence booster could one need amirite
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    Formula 1

    And looks like no two cars are quite alike (y) Hopefully with bottom-placed teams having had more wind-tunnel time than the top teams it evens the playing field a little bit. Testing is around the corner!
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    Inter - Sassuolo (20 Feb 22) [0-2]

    straight doomsday vibes
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    Inter - Sassuolo (20 Feb 22) [0-2]

    we're having real trouble holding the midfield. really leaves defenders scrambling
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    Formula 1

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    Formula 1

    How sexy are this year's cars? Loving every reveal so far. Please please all be quick and competitive (and make Ferrari fast again :P). Make it out to be an exciting season.
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    Achraf Hakimi

    Hell come back 35
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    Joaquín Correa

    IMO he just looked rusty and for that lacked confidence. I expect he'll regain that back the more he plays. I don't think he's been a waste
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    Simone Inzaghi

    I've noticed the defense, particularly Bastoni, Skriniar, Dumfries, are very liberal in moving forward and also trying to get into goal-scoring opportunities right near the attack. Similarly, the midfield players also slot in the back in defense a lot. It's been some time since I've seen Inter...
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    All time best Inter eleven

    Id venture to say Buffon is near Zoff levels for Italy And as for inter...Pagliuca, Toldo, Peruzzi honorable mentions
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    All time best Inter eleven

    Would you say Fachetti could be considered our best ever LB?
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    All time best Inter eleven

    Got this idea from playing 2k with my buddy and the Zanetti v. Maicon thread.. If you had to pick an all-time Inter team, who would you have and why? Can pick starting 11 + subs, formation, coach, kits, as far as you want to go Apologies in advance if a thread like this exists lol
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    Whom do you miss most?

    I was wondering for the longest time what his profile name was! Man, I remember those golden days...that guy was one funny a** dude
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    Which former players feel like "fever dreams" to you?

    man....we've really uh....come a long way
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    Denzel Dumfries

    Is Newcastle calling?
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    Zanetti and Maicon: Who Was the Better Right Back?

    To this day I don't understand why Maicon appeared so disinterested that game. IMO he made Bale look better than he actually was. To topic- At their peak - Maicon has to win it. Zanetti though was a lot more versatile and could play more positions.
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    UEFA Champions League 2021/2022

    People forgot the 2008 round of 16 tie? Were you guys even alive then lol