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  1. Ronaldo

    Inter - Napoli (4 Jan 23) [1-0]

    What a game!! Keep it up!
  2. Ronaldo

    Beppe Marotta

    Ausillio had to balance the books under Thohir, Marotta is trying to balance the books under Suning. Huge difference in performance.
  3. Ronaldo

    Gleison Bremer

  4. Ronaldo

    Milan Škriniar

    I don't have any problem with selling any player but the main defenders i.e. Bastoni and Skriniar. I understand that we are in a dire need to balance the books but IMO we shouldn't mess with the defense. Our defense is our strength and messing with it could make us much weaker.
  5. Ronaldo

    Kristjan Asllani

    An Ausillio Obsession? I’m skeptical.
  6. Ronaldo

    Henrikh Mkhitaryan

    Dzeko was much better than Mikhitarian at Roma, people thought he would be a great addition to our team if he could produce 2 good seasons and look at him now! Everyone wants him out. I’d give Mikhi till Christmas until people start to want him out.
  7. Ronaldo

    Paulo Dybala

    Has he signed yet?
  8. Ronaldo

    Paulo Dybala

    Good signing. Contract details seem fair.
  9. Ronaldo

    Inter - Fiorentina (19 Mar 22) [1-1]

    I predict a draw...
  10. Ronaldo

    Inter - Empoli (19 Jan 22) [Coppa Italia] [3-2]

    Is this legit?! Link?
  11. Ronaldo

    Inter - Empoli (19 Jan 22) [Coppa Italia] [3-2]

    Can someone hook a brother up with a stream?
  12. Ronaldo

    Inter - Juventus (12 Jan 22) Supercoppa [2-1]

    Not the best performance but we got the result. Congrats!
  13. Ronaldo

    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    We need to extend his contract. 30 isn't too old for a central CB.
  14. Ronaldo

    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    Fucking Juve…
  15. Ronaldo

    Inter - Atalanta (25 Sep 21) [2-2]

    We need to win this one to keep up with Milan.
  16. Ronaldo

    2021/2022 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Insigne as Sanchez replacement for free would be a nice deal. Also I don't mind Romagnoli as a backup ala Ranocchia.
  17. Ronaldo

    Inter Jerseys

    Don't mind the jersey. This is actually one of the few ones that I don't mind. What I don't like about it is the Inter emblem and the sponsor looks shit obviously. With a proper Inter Emblem and Pirelli in the middle would be a very cool jersey.
  18. Ronaldo

    Edin Džeko

    Way too late for getting him.
  19. Ronaldo

    Romelu Lukaku

    I honestly think he was fine staying at Inter but it was Inter who wanted to sell and he got a good offer and accepted it. Helped Inter financially big time and also signed for CL holders.
  20. Ronaldo

    Inter Jerseys

    I honestly don’t know what to think of the new jersey. New sponsor, new weird design.