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  1. Alex de Large

    Which midfielder would you rather sell?

    Let's just imagine 2 clubs want them and are offering 20mil and we want to sell one, who would you sell?
  2. Alex de Large

    Which are your top10 favorite movies

    I know there is a thread to talk film, but just wondering about this.
  3. Alex de Large

    Stand-Up comedy

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  4. Alex de Large

    Protests in Spain

    People is very angry here, i can understand people around the world see Spain as a calm country who doesn't really care about what is happening, but we finally woke up, there are 2 parties... supposedly one is left wing and other right wing but both are the same, and both "work" together, there...
  5. Alex de Large


    today it's 30 years without bob marley, da master. some reggae gentleman is awesome long live amsterdam, marihuana and everyone who smokes life. fuck all the retarded dont people who believes iin this.
  6. Alex de Large

    Music from your country

    I was asking music from Rumania, Macedonia, Turkey and Serbia. If it's electronic or hiphop better but i can accept pop-rock also.
  7. Alex de Large

    Any vegeterians over here?

    Just wondering. I'am planning to adopt a cow, a chicken and a pig. and kill a dog at my house.
  8. Alex de Large

    Cagliari - Inter (20 Sep 09)

    We lost 2-1 last season in this game but season was already over.
  9. Alex de Large

    Samuel Eto'o

    Official: Eto'o signs five-year deal Monday, 27 July 2009 21:23:56 MILAN - Samuel Eto'o is an Inter player. At 20:37 this evening in the offices of vice president Rinaldo Ghelfi, the striker signed a five-year contract until 30 June 2014. Also present were Inter technical...
  10. Alex de Large

    Diego Milito and Thiago Motta

    Here it says it's almost done: 16 millions and the co-ownership from Robert. United want Milito...
  11. Alex de Large

    Top Ten reasons why men fail with women and solutions to the problem.

    MISTAKE #1: Being Too Much Of A "Nice Guy" Have you ever noticed that the really attractive women never seem to be attracted "nice" guys? Of course you have. Just like me, I'm sure you've had attractive female friends that always seemed to date "jerks"… but for some reason they were never...
  12. Alex de Large

    Your mental age i'am 24 but this says i act like 28 lol
  13. Alex de Large


    I will post 4 who have been made in the last years, i will post some more if somebody likes the idea. Feel free to recommend any documentary you like. Jesus Camp : 2006 The documentary shows how they wash up the brain for those innocent kids, something disgraceful, but unfortunately...
  14. Alex de Large

    Spain - Germany (Final) (29 Jun 08)

    Maybe Ballack misses the game, bad news for Germany. Spain don't have Villa so Luis Aragones will probably field 5 midfielders. Casillas Ramos Puyol Marchena Capdevila Senna Xavi Iniesta - Cesc - Silva Torres
  15. Alex de Large

    Samuel Eto'o

    Maybe it's all bs and after all there are no transfer between Barcelona and Inter, but this is what the press says, there are 2 newspaper of the team of barcelona, sport and mundo deportivo, sport says what i said in the ibrahimovic thread and that we want giovani (the new cesar aparecido)...
  16. Alex de Large

    Roma - Inter (Coppa Italia) (24 May 08)

    How sad would be playing this game having lost scudetto? if you win coppa then, what do you exactly celebrate? it would have been a nightmare, but now, we have a chance to make a double which is very interesting. The 2 best teams of the country again play each other.
  17. Alex de Large


    Goalkeepers: Amelia (Livorno), De Sanctis (Sevilla) Defenders: Barzagli (Palermo), Cannavaro (Real Madrid), Cassetti (Roma), Grosso (Lyon), Materazzi (Inter), Oddo (Milan), Zambrotta (Barcelona) Midfielders: Ambrosini (Milan), Aquilani (Roma), De Rossi (Roma), Perrotta (Roma), Pirlo (Milan)...
  18. Alex de Large

    UEFA Cup 2007/2008

    Ajax again out of the UEFA cup early... Atletico has won 0-5 LOL
  19. Alex de Large


    The market is closed, but if someone comes it's gonna be him. Add a pol please. Yes No I don't know.
  20. Alex de Large

    Inter - Udinese (26 Aug 07)

    Yeah, Serie A is back, only 1 week, next Sunday at 15:00 vs Udinese. i don't really care about minor trophies like supercoppa, but i hope this don't have to do anything with the mentality of the players after lose in the supercoppa, btw i don't understand why the GAMPER is not played before...