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  1. wera

    Atalanta - Inter (13 Nov 22) [2-3]

    2022-11-13 This game will determine who finishes 4th/5th before the World Cup (depending on Juve game today) It's not easy playing on Bergamo, but we have to bounce back, that 4th place is closer than it looked. Atalanta form is LLWLW, while ours is WLWWW.
  2. wera

    Monkey off my back

    Let this be a thread about currently achieving something big in life. After 51 hours of driving lessons, 4 failed main driving tests, a whole pandemic in the middle of it (I started in February 2020) and a bunch of white hairs sprouting out of my head, at 33 years old I finally got my driving...
  3. wera

    English Premier League 2020/2021

    It's time for a new thread. The league starts on 12th of September. The promoted teams are Leeds (yay!), Fulham and West Bromwich. Of all the teams Chelsea seems like they mean business this season, transfer wise, but it's hard to say what will happen with them. Even if they get Thiago Silva...
  4. wera

    Post of the year 2019

    We don't yet have this thread? :O No offtopic, please.
  5. wera

    German Bundesliga 2019/2020

    The season started and Borussia Dortmund beat Bayern in the supercup. Sancho looked world class.
  6. wera

    English Premier League 2019/2020

    It's only fair I make this thread. The new EPL season starts in 30 days! Coming back real quick.
  7. wera


    I guess we could have a thread for football players that passed away. Sadly, Reyes died in a car crash. He is the former Arsenal, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Benfica player.
  8. wera

    Inter - Tottenham (18 Sep 18) [2-1]

    WARNING!!! THE GAME STARTS AT 18.55, NOT 20.45 SO MAKE SURE YOU START WATCHING TWO HOURS EARLIER!!!! Also, GEEEEEET HYPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED :pokerface: This is going to suck, huh? Well at least Tottenham will be missing a few players as well like Dele Alli and Son. We'll have to man mark...
  9. wera

    World Cup 2018 General Discussion

    World Cup 2018 Russia In Soviet Russia, football plays you. The World Cup starts on 14th June 2018. These are the teams that will be going to Russia. AFC (5) Australia Iran Japan Saudi Arabia South Korea CAF (5) Egypt Morocco Nigeria Senegal Tunisia CONCACAF (3) Costa Rica...
  10. wera

    Personality Types

    One of my interests I started last year is researching personality types. Myers-Briggs theory says there are 16 different ones throughout the whole world, all 16 also with slight variations but same at the core. I, for one, am an INTP Logician and Completionist type (INTP standing for...
  11. wera

    Would you sell Murillo for Witsel?

    I only opened this thread so a poll could be added, because I wonder about the results. There is a rumour floating around that Murillo might be sacrificed for Witsel, which would probably mean a Medel-Miranda CB pairing and Witsel in front of them. What do you guys think about this? Do you...
  12. wera

    FIF's Official Roast Thread

    I have a new idea, let's have a thread where we roast (make fun out of) a picture of somebody who is connected to Inter, be it player, ex-player, coach, management or from one of the FIF members. The FIF members that would like to get roasted, they can submit their own picture, if they do that...
  13. wera

    A special day for a special boy

    Sup Nurko. If you check FIF today, you have no friends :trolldad:
  14. wera

    German Bundesliga 2015/2016

    I see we haven't made this thread yet. Here's an article about Borussia Monchengladbach's third place and the importance of their defensive structure. Last season...
  15. wera

    Spanish La Liga 2015/2016

    New season, and I predict Barcelona to win it again :datass: Also, Malaga presented their new players on the beach.
  16. wera

    Celtic - Inter (19 Feb 15) [3-3]

    There is this competition called Europa League and we are still in it! Knockout rounds, baby! Where do we play? Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland (great stadium) When do we play? 19th February 2015 Kick off: 21.05 (what a retarded time for a football match) Why do we play? because we like...
  17. wera

    happy birthday kenny

    Omg they killed kenny Wouldn't it be better to have one birthday thread instead of making a new one for everyone. It is not like we ever go back to check these threads
  18. wera

    FIF Podcast

    I was thing about making a podcast consisting of FIF members, the topic being Inter (some italian football club) and the forum itself. I know that an Inter related podcast already exist, but i'd like to make one that is relaxed, funny and enjoyable for multiple listens. Right now i have no...
  19. wera

    What counts as cheating a.k.a. what is diving

    We dive, just as any other team. Yesterday, we can all agree, that red card for Cesena's GK was unfair. So, should everything that happened with that dive count as cheating? Answer me these four questions, pls 1. Does diving count as cheating? Palacio dived for a penalty (that also won the...
  20. wera

    hbd vito

    The originoo interdata