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    Francesco Acerbi

    I have to say that I really like all the new and young players that are coming into our squad. They definitely offer a skillset that we do not currently have.
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    Milan Škriniar

    He's not going to renew. This is going to play itself out in his inevitable departure because Inter is shit broke.
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    2022/2023 Defenders Rumours Thread

    Inter should sign Australia's Harry Souttar. He'd be a great addition.
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    Romelu Lukaku

    I think you should qualify that further: most times, Inter directors are complete fuckn morons.
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    Romelu Lukaku

    He's been resting all season. Or maybe he needs to rest from his rest. Fuckn cunt. We don't need Trent Sainsbury. Australia has Matthew Leckie for that!
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    André Onana

    We should play Handanovic instead. I am sure that would be our best option. 🙄
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    Matteo Darmian

    Because we can not afford anyone else. This is what stagnation looks like.
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    Sebastiano Esposito

    It's time for Lukaku to fuck off and find another club that is not Inter.
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    Romelu Lukaku

    And he's going to save our season! The only thing Lukaku is saving is room in his stomach for another meat pie.
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    Nerazzurro Down Under

    I would rather watch Lucy Zelic any day of the week over the Soccerwhos!
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    Inter Jerseys

    I M Inclusion: What the fuck does that even mean? Too bad we are not included in the race for the Scudetto.
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    2022 World Cup Qatar

    Argentina are shit. They will be fortunate to make it to the quarter-finals.
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    Lautaro Martinez

    Part of their problem is that they can not let go of the past and their history. It hangs around their necks like a weight and absolutely paralyses them. It also does not help that they can not let go of or retire certain players (Messi and Di Maria). Perhaps they do not have adequate...
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    Romelu Lukaku

    I would not be too worried. He has hardly played this season and will not be match fit, if he is fit at all.
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    Andrea Pinamonti

    That's a typical Italian "punishment".
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    2022 World Cup Qatar

    ‘He sold himself to the devil’ – Messi, 2030, and a very uncomfortable deal with Saudi Arabia Adam Crafton Nov 22, 2022 Argentina versus Saudi Arabia at the World Cup in Qatar. A battle for early supremacy in Group C, yes, but also the prelude to a battle off the field that will take place in...
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    Javier "Il Capitano" Zanetti

    I swear they are, but you refuse to admit or recognise it.
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    2022 World Cup Qatar

    Saudi Arabia Leaves Another Scar on Argentina’s Soul Argentina started as a favorite in the tournament as its star, Lionel Messi, looked for a final chance at the trophy. Now the team will struggle to advance. By Rory Smith LUSAIL, Qatar — This time was supposed to be different. For Lionel...
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    Lautaro Martinez

    Messi and Di Maria need to exit from the National team and allow new blood to come through. I thought Argentina were poor. It is almost like they get to the World Cup and simply can't cope with the pressure and weight of expectations. The evident disappointment of the players at the end of the...
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    Ionuț Andrei Radu

    That's okay. The only thing that matters is that he does not come back to Inter.