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  1. Candreva Crosses

    Lazio - Inter (16 Oct 21) [3-1]

    Here you go @Alex de Large. 18:00 GMT+2 2021-10-16 I predict an easy win.
  2. Candreva Crosses

    Elvis Lindkvist

    Swedish reports says its done and was confirmed by the man himself. I know nothing about him :lol: :lol:
  3. Candreva Crosses

    Posts of the year 2018

    Let me revive this. I saved this in my signature for the right day. Today is the right day.
  4. Candreva Crosses

    Inter - Lazio (Coppa Italia) (31 Jan 17) [1-2]

    10 in a row!!! Make it happen! Latest 5 games: