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  1. Candreva Crosses

    Bannings and Suspensions

    Next insult? He has been insulting me 50 times and then removing the posts. Stating It's laughable. He has several times stated he is on a higher intelligent level using all kinds of , its on borderline facsicm style. Using all kinds of derogatory words and now when his vocabulary on derogatory...
  2. Candreva Crosses

    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    This is harsh, I like to believe they had a chance once when they were playing against Juventus but the refs got in the way. I don't remember which season it was though.
  3. Candreva Crosses

    Video Games

    @wera have you start playing elden ring yet?
  4. Candreva Crosses

    Bannings and Suspensions

    C'mon, do you need to get banned before you start acting like a human being? Why would you get this upset on a internet forum especially by someone who you think is beneath you, it makes zero sense. Or maybe you're facing something difficult in life right now and take it out on me? Either way...
  5. Candreva Crosses

    Lautaro Martinez

    I don't understand the statement of him leading the attack. How can someone like him lead the attack if he is playing a supporting role to all those around him? You can't just expect him to have another role in attack (leading the attack) when he does the same tasks as when he was the second...
  6. Candreva Crosses

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Didn't he manage a top 4 in balon d'or?
  7. Candreva Crosses

    Bannings and Suspensions

    Damn, you really are sensitive when it comes to Eriksen. Shouldn't you let this go before you get more infractions? Also so childish, you like writing these weird comments about child sucking dicks and calling people racist just to later on delete it. Baiting, insults and what so ever... I...
  8. Candreva Crosses

    Goal Scorers and Assist-Men 2021/22

    More goals scored in March than all games combined in February :( Another 3 goals on tuesday?
  9. Candreva Crosses

    Inter's Next Captain

    Have we heard of other players doing this, same reason why Skriniar did it? Love story :love:
  10. Candreva Crosses

    Lautaro Martinez

    You don't think its because who plays next to him? Lets speculate, wouldn't you think El Toro would look much better next to someone like Vlahovic? These games become so dull when none of our strikers can beat the defender 1vs1. If Dzeko or Lautaro would have that capability I'd think the game...
  11. Candreva Crosses

    Nicolò Barella

    His vision this game was amazing and I got starstruck by Barella again. Behind almost everything, MVP.
  12. Candreva Crosses

    Bannings and Suspensions

    I'm wondering if telling people who you believe are childs that they are sucking dick has been addressed too? I expect FIF to not accept pedophelia but maybe that just too high expectations.
  13. Candreva Crosses

    Milan - Inter (1 Mar 22) [Coppa Italia] [0-0]

    Where is our attacking phase? Can't he just bring the Pazza tactic we had at beginning of this season.
  14. Candreva Crosses

    Christian Eriksen

    Clearly if you don't agree with some people about him giving his thanks /mercanary jidderish then you are a child that likes to suck dicks.
  15. Candreva Crosses


    But EU/USA don't earn anything by having this kind of commitment towards Middle-East. Its all strategy mate. There is even rumors/videos/interviews whatever you call news that doesn't correlate with the EU agenda that students with african background got to step out of the line at the border to...
  16. Candreva Crosses

    Christian Eriksen

    So emotional, get your shit together man instead of spewing it out on members here because someone has a different view/opinion than you, so childlike behavior. And all of this because Eriksen didn't give you his thanks, how immature are you? Change the topic because of the act you did and turn...
  17. Candreva Crosses

    Christian Eriksen

    The fuck are you on about, where do sucking his dick fit into this :lol: Are you feeling betrayed by your countryman? You talk about infantile shit and then go on about crying for a thanks and sucking dick? The irony is growing big and I see the thank button on this forum is affecting your...
  18. Candreva Crosses

    2021/2022 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    To me this sounds like he is overrated :)
  19. Candreva Crosses


    That's exactly what we shouldn't talk about. You want to speak up about politics in a fucking football forum? Who are you trying to reach man, choose a better media outlet if you really want to speak up with that responsibility you're talking about. This is just cringe, talking about...
  20. Candreva Crosses

    Inter's Financial Situation

    How is this even possible, does the sales of Lukaku and Hakimi not matter at all? What the fuck have we bought? Correa?