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  1. Mad Biscione

    FIF merchendise?

    Anyone else think this might be a sick idea? Going to an Inter game with FIF hat or something, Id sign up in an instant? :epicwin::slick::datass:
  2. Mad Biscione

    Inter - Bologna (Coppa Italia) (15 Jan 13)

    vs INTER - BOLOGNA Tue 15/1/13 21:00 first game thread :work:
  3. Mad Biscione

    UEFA Europa League 2012/2013

    teams to play 2012/2013 EL: Internazionale
  4. Mad Biscione

    General Discussion

    As qualifications are behind us and we know all the teams, it's high time to open an official Euro 2012 thread and forget the qualifications :megusta: Group stage draw took place in Kiev, and the groups are:
  5. Mad Biscione


    POLL UPDATE: 1st answer in full is: "- It should never be performed without immidiate medical necessity and it violates human rights otherwise." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Controversial topic, isn't it? This forums are...
  6. Mad Biscione

    Another fan from Poland

    Yep, seen a few already but I doubt I will ever reach Luka's post count. :happy: I guess I'm Ronaldo generation so around 13 years with Inter now :) and Im not forums guy but decided to register anyway and I''ve seen Inter only once in CL, we lost to ManU that day :/ :boogy: :boogy: