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    My Graduation Project

    Hello everyone, I wanted you guys to help me out in my graduation project if you can, me and my partners are doing it on the effect of pricing strategy on consumer buying behavior with regards to the iPad. Anyways i have a questionaire, if you can take some time and answer it and PM or email...
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    USA Appartment Help

    Hey Guys, I will be going to the US on september 30th and i will be staying in New York and in California for like 10 days, i was wondering if any of the residents there could help me out. I am looking for an appartment that really doesnt have to be big, studio is fine, that would be in a good...
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    Anyone that isnt from the US purchased from Amazon before? what do they use for shipments? do they use any Courier services? I will only get from them if they use a courier service that ships to Egypt.
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    Talented players who failed

    And R. Carlos.
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    Language Program

    Does anyone know any good programs i can get or download that can help me learn Italian and French? I heard TELL ME MORE is good, anyone have any recommendations?
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    Help Needed in a research i am doing

    Well i was doing a research on leadership and in the end i will talk about 1 leader in sports in choices is one of Figo,Zidane,Moratti or Javier Zanetti....i dont know which one to choose. I will choose the one that i can write more information on and qoutes from etc...any help...
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    Hernan Crespo Its official,he is on the market and we are linked to him,i wouldnt having him back at all,great finisher and thats exactly what we need,he was at lazio so thats a plus for mancini and i dont think he would cost us that much,i would go...
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    Deleted post in transfers topic

    i made a post in the official transfers that had a list of inters transfers this season,along with mancini's shortlist was deleted,can a moderator would at least told me so i can copy the post and make a new topic in the genera inter forum?cause i think it would have been a nice summary...
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    My Name

    please,can any of the moderators change my name from ahlyinter to Khaled,thank you.
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    Player's Contracts

    i want to know every players's contract runs until when? i cant find them,can someone pls post them.
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    Hello Inter FANS!!!

    well i think this is my 8th or 9th post i dont remember.... meh :yuck: ,well i would like to say hi to all the nerazzuri fans,i am from egypt like my pal butcher who is on this forum(damn i thought i was the first one from egypt :mad: ) well anyway i say hello,and if u want to know ahly is my...
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    who will be in the 25 Men Squad

    well hello there this is my second post in this forum(great forum!!) and it is about news written today on,well mr.c. "the hammer" zanetti talked to the media and said some important things which first is that he wont be leaving inter,well this is some good news,although i hate him but...